Minimising Fatigue

Let’s get one thing clear, The Brainy One and I are tired.  We are fatigued.  We live with The Boy Child.  He hasn’t slept through the night with any regularity for years.  But we know we’re tired.  We don’t feel the need to tell people that, yes, we’re tired.

What we are doing is looking for ways to minimise that tiredness.  To manage the mental fatigue.DSC_0172 (2)We try to manage our days into chunks of time, with start and finish times.  For example, I know that the best time for me to go to the gym is straight after I’ve dropped The Boy Child off at school.  So I do that.

We limit our options.  And by that, I mean, as an example, we don’t dither over what brand of mayonnaise to buy.  We buy the one we like.  We don’t need six or more different brands to choose from.

If a decision we’ve made causes stress and/or anxiety on top of our tiredness, we drop it and relook at the situation.  We learned that lesson the hard way.

I simplify what we eat from week to week.  I don’t mean that if it’s Monday, it must be pasta.  I mean that Mondays might be considered Italian night, Tuesdays might be considered Chinese night and Fridays might mean that The Boy Child gets to choose.

We try to go to bed between 10-10.30 pm.  We don’t have a TV in the bedroom and we try not to use our ‘phones or iPads.  A good couple of hours before midnight seem to help us cope better with the disturbances that occur around the witching hours of 2-4 am.

What tips do you recommend for managing/minimising fatigue?

There’s a tongue in cheek post about Autism and sleep here.


3 thoughts on “Minimising Fatigue

  1. You & TBO seem to have a good routine going, one you needed to learn by trial & error. I admire how you work as a team & family unit. I like that you make it Italian Night not pasta night which allows for the possibility of a little more adventure food testing/trying. I know all about those witching hours of 2-4am first hand.


  2. It sounds like y’all are doing a great job & making adjustments as needed. I think just recognizing the situation & making choices (or minimizing them) that work for your family is the key. Also, I’m a huge advocate of a 30 minute nap (not too short, not too long) in the early afternoon a few times a week. 😀


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