This Weekend I …

… nearly ran out of steam in my role as Family’s Entertainment Officer.  Neither Plans A or B for Saturday came to fruition thanks to a combination of wet weather, ’emergency’ road works and long queues.

Plan C was simply a walk around St. James’s Park, lunch in a coffee shop and a new magazine.  It seemed to work out well in the end.IMG_0642.JPGSunday was the usual round of park, homework finishing, some screen time and a swimming lesson.  I did, however, manage to be proactive on Sunday afternoon and book three outings for future Saturdays; two in February and one in May.


3 thoughts on “This Weekend I …

  1. Minister of Family Entertainment is a huge responsibility with a long list of job requirements & demands. Having a Plan C says you excel at your role. Yeah to future Plan A’s


  2. Well, I think with that all that thinking-on-the-hoof plus advanced planning, that counts as a very successful weekend! Great shot with that splendid architecture in the background – love the mix of formal and informal.


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