Living Well

The old adage, “It’s the little things” rings true.  As part of nourishing myself this year, I’ve been looking at a few ways to make our home feel more cosy.  More hygge.  Both The Brainy One and I spent a lot of time in our home during the working week (a definite perk of being self-employed) and I’ve identified a number of ways for us to live well (and simply) without busting the budget.


Fresh flowers:  I don’t mean the hand-tied, one-of-a-kind type of bouquet.  I mean a bunch of tulips from the supermarket, split between two or more vases. A pop of colour in a world of January weather and lights on all day does the trick.

Buy good pens:  I don’t mean expensive, I mean good.  Who wants to use a pen that leaves blotches on the paper?  My current favourite are fine line pens (from Uni-ball and Siivton.  I use black for general writing and assorted colours for journaling on a scrapbook page and in my Get to Work ™ book.

Reading:  reading is not just a bedtime activity.  I now read during daylight hours. When I’m eating my lunchtime sandwich and when I waiting for those last few minutes on the washing machine cycle to finish (a watched pot never boils).

Burning candles:  I have quite a few candles, most of which have never been lit.  We tend to use candles in the run up to Christmas, but not during the other eleven months of the year.  There’s a lovely candle on our fire hearth; I was given it in December 2000.  It was the first one I lit at the beginning of 2018.

What tips do you use for living well?

7 thoughts on “Living Well

  1. I don’t keep anything “for best”. Not clothes or china or cutlery oh, or even table linen. I warned my kids that I would be using all of it and if there is anything left to inherit they can only take it if they guarantee to use it. They all gave me the look that says “Mum, you’re being strange again” but nodded their heads. I started this as soon as I hit 50 because I realised that none of it would be worn out when I am gone and having drawers full of stuff we don’t use is pointless. It gives me a good feeling too.


  2. Such pretty tulips & I agree the cheer they bring in January’s on & on of dreary days is certainly a pick me up. A wonderful way to nourish yourself. I cannot have fresh flowers because of my two fur girls (cats) they attack & shred plants & flowers. For now I have a few (good quality) fake flowers to help. Ladkyis does make an excellent point of not saving anything for the “good” days because who knows if & when they will come so NOW is the good time to use. I have several packs of Party Lite candles, time to dig those out – good suggestion. For me the best way to nourish & live well is order & tidiness, it keeps my mind calm. Clutter can stress me.


  3. I totally agree! Better to use things and enjoy them. My mother in law keeps things for best and I often think ‘but you’re 91, use them now!’


  4. I like both the replies above – I find living well for me means being organised because then I feel calm; lack of visual clutter is also restful. Nourishing food in small quantities often. Noticing what ‘feeling well’ in my body feels like, what helps it to be there, and doing more of that … It sounds wonderful to have this as an aim this year.


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