This Weekend I …

… The weekend was almost a complete washout.  We had heavy rain and some snow both days.  I cancelled our plans to go into town to see Lumiere London and quickly devised Plan B.IMG_0586Saturday’s Plan B basically consisted of dodging the rain showers to have lunch in a coffee shop, purely because The Boy Child was beginning to show signs of cabin fever.  (He’s always calmer after a run around in the fresh air, whatever the weather.)  This was then followed up with movie afternoon.IMG_0590.JPGSunday was almost a rerun of Saturday, except we had elevenses in the coffee shop rather than lunch and there was the usual swimming lesson in the afternoon.

I have my fingers crossed for dryer weather next weekend.



4 thoughts on “This Weekend I …

  1. We had snow – which was a total surprise as they had only forecasted an hour of so of sleet! Boys do need to run off their energy in the fresh air and this weekend the weather wasn’t brilliant for that was it? Pleased to hear you managed to get out and about and stave off that cabin fever somehow. Let’s hope next weekend is better!


  2. You have some wonderful Plan B backups. I am with TBC, I need to get outside for fresh air on a regular basis, although if it’s too cold or too wet, I turn to my treadmill & an old girly DVD 🙂


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