Weekday Walks |Kensington Mews

IMG_E0373.JPGOf all the different types of architecture on offer in London, the hidden away mews are my absolute favourite.  And as you might expect, the wealthier parts of our capital have the best examples of them.IMG_E0391

IMG_E0384.JPGI began and ended my walk at South Kensington tube station and my walk took around 90 minutes (plus 20 minutes on a coffee, a muffin and a comfort break).  All Mews I visited can be found off the Old Brompton Road or behind Imperial College on Exhibition Road.

6 thoughts on “Weekday Walks |Kensington Mews

  1. Always enjoy our walks in & about London. Like the names of some of the mews & in the first one, these folks really want to garden – like that they have found a way. Kendrick & Reece Mews’ wall, this kind of art is now seen in some many of the little villages near & around ours. I continue to have mixed emotions & opinions about this.


  2. Lovely photos. When I see street art that high up on a building I marvel at the talent in not only being able to paint such a brilliant picture but also to do it while standing on a ladder.


  3. Such amazing talent to have painted that mural … Thank-you for letting us see corners of your part of the world we might not otherwise ever get to see. I’ve always liked the idea of little rows of houses tucked out of sight.


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