The Get to Work Book

When I rebranded this blog, I decided to use a dedicated planner for potential blog post ideas.  One that ran like a diary, but had enough space for jottings, draft posts and the general minutiae required to run a reasonably well organised blog.

DSC_0039.JPGI settled on the Get to Work book as my planner.  Which is actually faintly ridiculous when you consider that I had absolutely no need to buy a planner from the US.  It’s not as if the UK doesn’t have enough planners.DSC_0043_LI.jpgBut it fitted the bill exactly and I could afford it.  It arrived from California in less than a week.

If I had one complaint, it would be the planner’s lack of colour.  It’s a small complaint, because as a scrapbooker, I already have the answer, as you can see – I simply wrote in different coloured pens, and added a colourful book band and planner stickers (both from Me and My Big Ideas).

6 thoughts on “The Get to Work Book

  1. That looks just the ticket – I admire your organisation and inventiveness with the stickers and pens. I’m thinking that inking and washi tape might also be an option? They’re in my mind because I’m trying to work out how to devise a journal for myself that I might enjoy keeping …


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