Rugby at Twickenham

Just before the end of 2017, we were invited to join friends at Twickenham (the home of the RFU) to watch Harlequins (the local West London side) v Northampton Saints.  Twickenham has long been on my list of stadium I wanted to visit (preferably for the British Lions v the All Blacks, but let’s not be too picky) and The Boy Child seemed keen.  (The Brainy One has been to Twickenham lots of times, mostly for the annual Varsity match.)


We were expecting a crowd similar to the one we were in at the Women’s FA Cup final last May, but the stadium was much busier.  A whopping 77,825 people were watching thirty men chase an oval ball around for 80 minutes.  To our relief, The Boy Child coped extremely well and was very engaged with the both the play and whole razzamatazz of the afternoon.  The pace of the game was fast and high scoring, with ‘Quins running out the clear winners.


The match was part of the Big Game 10 events put on by Harlequins and they’re designed to attract families with young children.  I’d say they’d easily achieved that objective.


2 thoughts on “Rugby at Twickenham

  1. WOW what a huge crowd. I wouldn’t say that ruby, football, soccer intrigues me but I will say we watched a few games when Toronto was playing in the ruby championships (of some kind).


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