Dog Ready

Max in the Garden

We met up with our dog walker friends in the park on Christmas Day (where the café owners were hosting the regulars with cake and Prosecco).  The Brainy One and I looked at all the pooches running around and then looked at each other.  “Next year,” we said, “we’ll be here with a dog of our own again.”

The time is now right for us to have a dog in our home fulltime again.  But we’ve been unsure whether to go down the puppy route or rescue route.  A friend provided the answer … a young dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind: one hasn’t been deemed suitable to be a guide dog.

A completed questionnaire sent to the regional office and that’s it.  Now, we wait to be contacted at some point in the next six months.  If we’re not successful in that time, it’s because the charity doesn’t have any suitable dogs and we simply then reapply.

To rehome a guide dog in the UK, see here.  You can read about our dog Max here.



6 thoughts on “Dog Ready

  1. Oh brilliant news! I really hope there is a puppy who doesn’t quite make their stringent grade very soon. One of the teachers at my daughter’s play group (many years ago!) used to be a puppy walker for Guide Dogs for the Blind and she used to really struggle when it was time to pass them onto their new owners. Keep us informed!


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