This Weekend I …

After last week’s busy weekend, we opted for a slower pace.  We chose to ignore the overcast skies and headed out on Saturday for a day of fresh air along the Thames.DSC_0073.JPGSunday saw us closer to home.IMG_0437.JPGWe caught up with our dog-walker friends in the local park before heading home to tackle the clothing requirements for The Boy Child’s upcoming Year 6 Residential field trip and the birthday thank-you letters. Swimming lessons also resumed for him.

4 thoughts on “This Weekend I …

  1. Year 6 residential – oh my goodness, that means that the end of primary is not far away! I hope he has a fun time. I remember my son coming home from his and he’d worn the same pair of socks all week …


  2. I think we all have stories to tell about our Year 6 residentials, so looking forward to yours! In mine, DS came home with a totally dry bar of soap. Labelling clothes seemed a major task as I remember! That’s a nicely meditative view of the Thames …


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