Maybe It’s Because I’m A Londoner

I’ve lived in London longer than anywhere else I’ve lived.  The Brainy One has been in London for thirty or more years.  The Boy Child is a Londoner, the only one of us with the place of birth on his passport listed as London.  As I’m now in my 13th year of West London living, I think I’m a Londoner, albeit with Northern roots.


Here’s how I’ve brought London living into my life:

London art work:  There’s plenty out there, ranging from a few pounds to thousands of pounds.  I bought the above framed piece from a local independent gift shop at a very good price.

London Girl mug: Again, there’s plenty out there, but the simple elegance of that mug caught my eye.  I bought it here.

London themed stationery:  Paperchase does a great range of London themed postcards and most decent stationers often carry a range of correspondence cards.  Mine were a Christmas gift and are from Smythson of Bond Street.

What things in your home declare where you’re from?

6 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Because I’m A Londoner

  1. Beautiful still life photo – like that floral arrangement. Interesting & neat collection of London things. Other than a book about the county, our little village within this county has nothing to indicate our existence, not even post cards. There is a local artist gentleman, who is now retired from his corporate job, that is currently doing paintings & sketches of local landmarks & preparing to sell them as cards.


  2. Isn’t it strange, we have lots of things around our house that we’ve brought back to remind us of our travels, but nothing from where we actually live!
    Love that framed print, that’s a great still life photo you’ve got there.


  3. I have to admit that I am just like Deb! Lots of things from places we have visited but nothing from where we have now loved for 25 years which is Essex. I was born and brought up in Hertfordshire and Hugh in Cornwall but again nothing really from those places and more actually from places we have visited mostly abroad.


  4. Well, I have a little piece of London in my raft room … a FUN tray from a Londoner friend! 🙂

    I have a few Texas themed items & now I have an idea for a post for next week, too! Watch for the Texas flag I painted on a piece of old barn wood.


  5. That’s a very lovely still life … And your last sentence is quite a poser. I guess I have the paintings my mother did of the part of the world we were brought up in. But you’re making me think!


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