This Weekend I …

… had a busy one.

On Saturday, we took The Boy Child to see School of Rock in the West End (and we invited our oldest friends to join us). It was superb!  We’ve never seen the film version with Jack Black, so we didn’t have any preconceptions and were able to enjoy it without the inevitable comparisons.  IMG_0325School of Rock is the only show I’ve seen where the audience was invited to take photos during the show’s finale.  I used my mobile phone’s camera on the zoom, so the clarity isn’t as good as it might have been.  We were all on a high as we left the theatre.IMG_0322On Sunday, we headed out early and took a road trip to Bicester Scramble in Oxfordshire.   Although it was freezing cold with an icy wind, the sun was out and so were the cars. DSC_0026.JPGThis was our second visit to the Scramble and I’m convinced that non petrol heads (like me) would find it hard not to have a good time.



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