One Little Word | 2018

Early January means time for a new word.  One little word on which to focus throughout the coming year.  Last year’s word was nourish and, in truth, was rather neglected.


Verb: to feed; to furnish with food; to support; to help forward the growth of
in any way; to allow to grow; to bring up; to cherish.

When I say neglected, I mean in terms of nourishing myself.  It’s that realisation that helped me decide to keep the same word for 2018.  The coming year will see the focus shift a little onto me; not in a way that could be considered selfish or self-indulgent, but in a way that’s good for me.  Good for my soul.

And I’ve made a start.  I’ve booked a GoGo Getaway weekend with my best friend in early June, and I’m planning a few days away on my own in early Spring.  The kind of away that requires a passport and getting on an airplane.

Do you have a word for the coming year?  You can find out much more about the concept of One Little Word here.


17 thoughts on “One Little Word | 2018

  1. Nourish is such a positive word & I think using it to nourish yourself is a great idea. What’s that saying, if the well is empty then no one can drink from it … I would really like a get away to scrap weekend, although it would take a lot of courage on my part because I don’t know anyone that does any type of scrapping, so maybe with my word of Focus, I will find myself an alternative. Passport; plane, trip – exciting!!!


  2. I love that you’ll be taking time to NOURISH yourself this year!

    Two trips planned already – that’s awesome. We’ll be overseas again later this month (Paris & Monaco) and are working out the details of a spring break trip now, too. Who knows, maybe our paths will cross again this year!


  3. That’s such a lovely word … I had it too in 2017, though, alas, did not do much with it :(. Wishing you much richness with it – and a getaway for your own Self sounds a perfectly nourishing thing to do. Excited for you!!


  4. A great word and pleased to hear of your plans so far – you need to look after yourself and have some to yourself so that you can recharge your batteries for life at home – I do understand this.


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