Blog Review | 2017

Happy New Year to you and yours!


The last quarter of 2017 saw me giving this blog a lot of thought.  Not about stopping (as so many favourite bloggers appear to have done in 2017), but more about the direction and content.  Earlier in the year, someone had told me that my blog was all about me.  Well, hello.  At first I thought they meant that the blog was boring/I was boring.  What they actually meant was that I used my blog as a way of extolling my own virtues, such as they are, and was looking for readers to say how fabulous I was …

During the Crop in the Country in September, I conducted a scientific survey about the way forward for this here spec of cyberspace … in actuality, I asked two people for their opinion, but, you know.  The survey results, ahem, convinced me that people generally like what I’ve written.  They may not always comment but when they do, it’s because what I’ve written has somehow touched them.  That was encouraging to hear.

Buoyed by what I’d heard, I came home from the Crop in the Country and made a plan.  I rebranded, with a name change, and switched hosting platforms.  I began to build up a number of scheduled posts, as opposed to deciding what to write about a mere 10 minutes before the post went live.  And during that process I realised one important thing.  I write for me.  I should continue as before … posts about scrapbooking, The Boy Child’s autism, different areas of London, travel (both in the UK and further afield), etc … continue as before, but be better.

My writing is never going win any prizes, but that was never the point.  This blog has evolved over the years into more than I ever imagined and I’m happy to continue sharing it with cyberspace.  I’d be delighted if you were part of it throughout the coming year and beyond.  If not, well, thanks for the time you did spend here.  It was very much appreciated.

Now if you’ll excuse me, 2018 is waiting.

10 thoughts on “Blog Review | 2017

  1. Happy New Year to you and yours. I enjoy reading your blog. I like the focus on you, your son, London (which is my hometown but now I live in Norfolk) and travel. I hope you continue to write your blog, for you. And your readers, of course!


  2. Happy New Year to you and your family Ruth. I would say that most of us who blog write about ourselves don’t we? I wonder if your friend who said that is a blogger. I think it’s great to read about people’s everyday joys and struggles, the environment that live in and their travels. Some and I can identify with, some empathise with and I sometimes envy people.
    It gives me the opportunity today peep into other people’s worlds all around the globe.
    Keep it up Ruth!


  3. Your blog is one of my long time favourites, so I am very happy to hear that you’ll continue. Your posts are never boring & you share what life is like for you, which I think is SO positive because it is how many of us get to know that there are people like us or not like us all over the world. You are the West London ambassador. By the way, I really like your photo.

    Happy New Year !


  4. I am saddened that someone criticised you for what you write in your blog posts, especially when they are SO wrong! I love reading your blog, and sharing a bit of your life. Your posts on dealing with autism are honest and enlightening and I am sure that anyone reading them who is dealing with the same thing themselves will find comfort in seeing that you don’t let it stop you doing all the things you do and realising they are not alone. Much the same as I am sure you found Robyn’s posts all the way from Brooklyn reassuring. What is a blog if not a vehicle for sharing what is going on in your life?
    Please don’t stop doing what you do! I love your blog and look forward to seeing an update pop up in my reading list. Happy New Year to you all!


  5. Oh, Ruth, I love reading about your life and travels! My blog evaluation earlier this year had a similar result. I blog for me and really enjoy sharing our life and travels and my crafty creations and other bits & pieces, so I’m just gonna keep on keeping on. Of course, I enjoy comments when someone takes time to leave them & am very grateful for the friends I’ve made in the blogosphere! So glad we’re on this journey together! Happy New Year!!


  6. I love reading your blog. You visit such interesting bits of London. It had never occurred to me that you wrote so that we would all say how fabulous you are. If that critical person is a friend of yours I should ditch her! 😛


  7. Please keep writing, I enjoy reading your posts. Of course your blog is about you – it’s yours!!
    I was born & bred in London, although I rarely get to go back now it is lovely to see my old haunts through your eyes. I also have an autistic son, not officially diagnosed until he was in his twenties, but I knew from an early age he was ‘different’ from his peers and much of his childhood was difficult – it’s nice to hear, through you, how things have improved.How we would have loved the autism-friendly events you attend with The Boy Child. I know how hard life can be at times but you seem to be doing just fine!


  8. Ruth, I love reading your blog and find all your posts entertaining and interesting and I am glad you are continuing. Now I’d better go and look at my blog and plan some posts for the next month or so!


  9. A rather belated Happy New Year to you and your family Ruth. I must admit I don’t get much time to read blogs now that I’m working full time but I’m so glad to see you’re not throwing in the towel! I always enjoy popping in to read a few posts when I get a chance and see what’s going on in your life. After the adjustments in my life over the last 2.5 years I’m finally feeling I’m ready to move forward again and I’m hoping to find some time to read favourite blogs again.


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