This Weekend I …

An early start on Saturday for Autism | Early Birds at the Science Museum, and an unobstructed view of the neighbouring Natural History Museum’s ice rink and Christmas tree.IMG_6677There then followed pretty much a rerun of when we were last in town early for Dawnosaurs – hot chocolate and toast, Christmas windows, lunch and a look at the Nation’s Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square.   If a plan works the first time, tweak if necessary and repeat as required.IMG_6709Sunday was snow and Santa Sunday! DSC_0061.JPGThe Boy Child and I nipped off to our nearest shopping mall to meet the big man and to remind him that the youngest member of the family had been good … mostly.10th AIt was bittersweet for me, as I couldn’t help but feel that it might have been our last visit to Santa …

3 thoughts on “This Weekend I …

  1. Oh my goodness doesn’t TBC look very grown up, such a wonderful photo of him with Santa. Remind him that no belief in Santa means you get underwear for Christmas! The rink & especially the tree at the Natural History Museum are lovely.


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