Christmas Dressing

One thing that London does well is dress for Christmas. Here’s a few of my favourite captures this year.IMG_6404~Ivy Chelsea Garden, King’s Road ~IMG_6461.JPG~ Claridge’s Hotel, Mayfair ~IMG_6627.JPG~ Cartier, Old Bond Street, Mayfair ~

Do let me know how your home town dresses for the season.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Dressing

  1. Why Ruth this is a lovely threesome. I agree London (England, because we have a London Ontario) does Christmas beautifully. I like Cartier’s package decorations & that big bow – WOW. Yes let’s add your post today to Take Three Thursday (if that’s OK).

    Our little village relies entirely on the home owners & shop owners to decorate, nothing official. Even our Christmas parade is privately done by the local Farmers, the village council allows the roads to be shut down for the parade but that’s it for their involvement. The volunteer fire department walks the route to ensure no one gets too close to the farm equipment. This year our clinic is handing out free hot chocolate to parade viewers by the clinic, other groups hand out candy canes & 3 of the churches do before the parade chilli & hot dog suppers as fund raisers. Our farmer’s parade gets people from as far away as Toronto coming to watch – it’s almost famous!


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