December Daily | Days 1-5

Welcome to my favourite scrapbooking project of the year!  Let’s take a look at how days 1-5 turned out:

Day 1:  The day that Elvis the Elf makes an appearance and returns The Boy Child’s letter to Santa, which has been stamped as either Naughty or Nice.DSC_0028.JPGI think the glimpse of my feet in my slippers adds a certain something, don’t you?

Day 2: The day we hosted our now traditional Non-Christmas Christmas Drinks party.  As ever, it was huge fun.  All the kids got along and the parents had the chance to relax, chat and possibly eat and drink too much.DSC_0029_LI.jpgTypos happen and small ones are perfectly acceptable … And look, there I am again, in a photo, in my album!  Our friends are Canadian and brought along a rather delicious tourtière.

Day 3: We nipped out of town for coffee and cake with friends.  She and I have known each other for, like, forever (as the kids say …), our fathers were best friends from school days, and on what would have been Mum’s birthday, it felt good to hang out with someone who feels like family.IMG_6659.JPGYikes, there I am again … and realising that some days, I look better in black and white.

Day 4:  The day where I nipped into town on my own … just to take photos of my favourite Christmas displays – Liberty, Cartier, the stairwell inside Fortnum and Mason, and the Ritz hotel all scored highly.DSC_0030I added a confetti-filled embellished envelope for interest, and then placed a festive photo on the reverse.  The tree card earned its place in the album simply by being lovely.DSC_0031

Day 5: The day where I have usually finished tweaking the Christmas tree and call it done.  This is our third year with an artificial tree and it’s turning out to have been an excellent purchase.DSC_0032.JPGOn the reverse of the Christmas tree card, I added a photo of our tree, half an embellishment and called it done.

Supplies used: photos (which I print at home using an Epson XP-760), Christmas themed journaling and filler cards (Holly Jolly by Becky Higgins), alphas (from American Crafts, Fancy Pants Design and  Pinkfresh), envelopes (from Paperchase) and confetti.

December Daily | my favourite project of the year.



6 thoughts on “December Daily | Days 1-5

  1. What a lovely way to document the month, and it looks like it’s a fun quick project to do as well. Ticking all the boxes!
    Sounds like your annual get together is a great way to get you all in the Christmas spirit but yes, it probably is time to suggest that someone else hosts next time to give you a bit of a break.
    You are so lucky to have such lovely places ‘on your doorstep’ to check out the Christmas window displays. I love seeing them on your Instagram feed.


  2. Those Canadian friends look like good people. It will be interesting to see who if anyone takes up the host/hostess role next year. Your DD is fantastic, simple & capturing the very essence of the season.


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