That Time I Almost Had Breakfast With A Brain Surgeon

Back in June 2013, I mentioned that we had a new arrival in the family and that the said new arrival was extremely poorly.  Some four and a half years later, that wee baby is a living miracle, and she was here in London last week with her Granny (my cousin) for a dinner.IMG_6436They were in town at the invitation of her brain surgeon to attend a fundraising event for the children’s hospital where she was treated as a newborn (and where she is still a regular outpatient).  Little Miss was apparently the star of the show and a huge hit with all who met her.  That’s some social engagement for a little girl, wouldn’t you say?IMG_6431 (2)I didn’t get to attend the dinner with them, sadly, but I did get to join them for breakfast the following morning, although I was too late to grab a selfie with the rather dishy  Mr Brain Surgeon


4 thoughts on “That Time I Almost Had Breakfast With A Brain Surgeon

  1. She is a cutie & a miracle, lovely to see her smiling happy little self. Yes Mr Brain Surgeon looks like a dish that could be served cold or hot! I see him in a Jane Austen mini series …


  2. We have so much to be grateful for in respect of modern medicine – so many young lives that are enriched due to the progresses being made every day. She really does look adorable and is clearly enjoying spending the day with such a handsome surgeon!


  3. It was a wonderful event and she really did steal hearts, she is looking forward to visiting you after Father Christmas has been too. Xxxx


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