Weekday Walks | Belgravia

The district of Belgravia lies mostly to the south-west of Buckingham Palace, and is bounded by Knightsbridge (the road) to the north, Grosvenor Place and Buckingham Palace Road to the east, Pimlico Road to the south, and Sloane Street to the west.  Most of the land belongs to the Grosvenor Estate, the property company of the Dukes of Westminster.  (The Grosvenor family seat is Eaton Hall, near Chester.)DSC_0129.JPGBelgravia is home to some beautiful architecture but, sadly, it’s also home mainly to embassies and those high net worth individuals found on global rich lists.  However, a large bank balance isn’t a pre-requisite before wandering around the squares and hidden away mews.DSC_0137.JPGBelgravia can appear soul-less to the casual visitor and it’s easy to see why.  Many of the residential properties are not the owners’ only homes, and, as a result, are left empty for months on end.  Me, I personally quite like the solitude of the area.DSC_0140Famous residents have included several British Prime Ministers, actors and actresses, high-ranking British soldiers and a television cook.  IMG_6424Eaton Square is more of an oblong than a square, but I don’t suppose Eaton Rectangle quite gives off the right amount of gravitas, does it?  The ‘square’ is actually two long and broad thoroughfares, with a long and narrow residents only garden running down the middle.  Rumour has it that the current Duke of Westminster lives in the square, making him his own landlord.   DSC_0142My walk began and ended at Sloane Square tube station, and took a little over two hours.  If you don’t fancy two hours of walking without a break, there’s a good selection of places to eat and drink around Sloane Square itself and along Elizabeth Street.

7 thoughts on “Weekday Walks | Belgravia

  1. I must admit your walking tours this week have me wishfully letting out a sigh – I want to walk there, I want to be in London for Christmas. Belgravia is a name we hear on so many of the BBC shows. My Mom had a book on the Sloane Rangers & how to be one (makes me laugh even remembering that).


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