The Power of a Musical Memory

Last Friday, the BBC launched its annual fundraising initiative for Children in Need.  Throughout the day, BBC Radio2 played musical selections chosen by charities CiN had supported over the last year.IMG_5859.JPGThere I was, pottering around the kitchen, wrapping up the ironing before the weekend and enjoying the late morning sunshine streaming through the window.  There I was, with tears streaming down my face.

All because the singer Katie Melua sang a live version of Fields of Gold, which was then followed by Justin Heyward singing Forever Autumn. Two beautiful songs that invoke memories of my parents.  Happy memories.  Bittersweet memories.  Memories sharp enough to make me catch my breath.

Of course, not all my musical memories make me cry.  There are plenty that make me smile, laugh out loud or start a conversation with, “Do you remember that time …?” 

Which musical memory can stop you in your tracks?


2 thoughts on “The Power of a Musical Memory

  1. I like your photo for today’s story. Sometimes the memories that music invokes can be a warm hug from those we love. Music is such a powerful memory cell deep within us. I know they use music to help with Alzheimer patients remember and/or calm them.


  2. Oh, I have so many musical memories, and (like you) some make me cry, some make me smile, some make me want to dance around. My favorite is just the tune of The Wildwood Flower – it’s the song my grandma would always pick to warm up on the guitar.


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