Dear Santa

IMG_6124_LI.jpgDuring half-term at the end of last month, I casually asked The Boy Child if he’d like to write his letter to Santa.  It’s an activity that has a finite shelf-life and I know that as he’s nearly eleven, we must be reaching the end.  But he simply shrugged his shoulders, said, “sure!” and dashed it off in about three minutes, only pausing to check on a few spellings.IMG_6125.JPGI, of course, have duly stamped the envelope and posted it off.  Elvis the Elf will return it on the morning of the 1st December, and The Boy Child will then know at a glance if he’s on the Naughty or Nice list.



5 thoughts on “Dear Santa

  1. I like the paper TBC has used, which I am sure is courtesy of Mum’s scrap stash. I col when I saw Pto, I thought I was the only one still using that term! I am 100% confident that Elvis will return with a tick on the nice list. Nice I need to get busy & my letter to Santa written & mailed.


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