This Weekend I …

This weekend saw us fit a lot in.  We began early Saturday morning with our regular visit to the Natural History Museum for Dawnosaurs, the early opening autism-specific event.  It might mean leaving the house in the dark, but it’s an event we all enjoy.DSC_0103.JPGAs we’re usually done with both Dawnosaurs and a stop for a second breakfast by 10am, we then walked from South Kensington to Piccadilly, using the time it took to score the newly installed Christmas windows along the way.  The Boy Child and I mark all the festive windows we see out of ten, and declare a winner in early December.  The leading contender this year is HarrodsHarvey Nichols sits on nil point.    IMG_6378.JPGAfter yet another break for food, lunch at Pizza Express, we passed the afternoon in a West End cinema watching Paddington 2.  Which turned out to be a good thing, because a) we all loved it and b) it rained all afternoon.DSC_0117.JPGSunday dawned clear and bright, so we headed off to Osterley Park, a hidden gem of a place just a few miles from where we live.  Although chilly in the shade, we strolled around the grounds for an hour or so, before finishing up with a hot cuppa and a comfort break.IMG_6390.JPGHave you detected a theme running through the weekend?  Yep, the number of stops for something to eat.  There’s simple rationale behind it:  The Boy Child struggles with the idea of going for a walk,  as it’s too open-ended.  He likes a timescale for activities, and we’ve learned over the years that if we break an outing down into manageable chunks and outline a rough plan for him, the whole day goes much better for all concerned.

8 thoughts on “This Weekend I …

  1. Sounds like a really nice weekend & treat breaks woven into the outings is such a brilliant plan. I really like that photo of TBC on the swing, it captures such a sense of care free-ness. Second breakfast on weekends brings out all my Hobbit-ness, I’m in for it!


  2. Sounds like a perfect Saturday to me. Food and comfort breaks are essential. Incidentally, I have been watching The A Word, on the been, it is series 2, I wondered if you had any thoughts??


      1. Thank you for replying. I am sorry if the question seemed insensitive, I was only wondering how accurate it was.


  3. Structure, we all like structure to some degree and if structure eases anxiety it’s what is now called a no brainer. In my day (good grief I sound like my Granny!) we called it common sense. The A word is interesting because it doesn’t focus solely on the child – AND it maintains the humour needed to keep going. Series one was about accepting the diagnosis and how denial affects people. Christopher Eccleston as the Grandfather is just about perfect but it is the people around them that ……………………. put things into perspective. Series two is less about denial and more about what to do. Seems to be shaping up quite well, but what do I know


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