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IMG_6299On the Happy Mail front this week, the Postie bought me a beautiful note from Julie (in response to Happy Mail I’d sent her).  But as we all know, unsolicited Happy Mail is welcome, whatever the reason behind it.     DSC_0076.JPGDespite the mizzle and wintry nip in the air this weekend, we wrapped up warmly and made the most of being outside.  Saturday saw us take a road trip into Hampshire and the beautiful city of Winchester.  Neither The Brainy One or I had visited before and decided the time the right to correct that oversight.  We weren’t disappointed.  So much of early British history has Winchester at its centre, and we felt a return visit would be advisable in order to refresh our memories of junior school History lessons.IMG_6341Sunday was Remembrance Day and we attended the service at our local War Memorial.  It was, as ever, both moving and humbling.  I dug out my old RAF beret from my kitbag and invited The Boy Child to wear it. IMG_6337.JPGIt’s looking a little careworn/moth-eaten these days, but then it is vintage …

4 thoughts on “Memos: Mail: Me

  1. TBC does looking rather fetching in your beret & nice that he agreed to wear. With Remembrance Day on Saturday this year, there were SO many services & all well attended in spite of the cold. I always feel so emotional when I see the Veterans, so many now in wheel chairs, all bundled up braving the cold without a complaint, remembering what they went through … it makes me stand a little straighter & a little taller.

    While in Winchester did you visit Jane Austen’s grave? (I think I am remembering correctly that she was buried there …)


  2. With both my sons ex-army and several of my cousins also ex-services I felt very proud when their pictures popped up on FB with them wearing their medals and taking their children with the to understand that what we do on this date is an act of remembrance for those who have fallen and those who took part. TBC is looking good!


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