Half-Term Road Trip | Avebury

During the recent half-term, we took a short road trip around the Wiltshire/Gloucestershire borders.  Our third and final day was spent in Avebury, and unfortunately the weather was back to a mix of mist and drizzle.  Would that be mizzle?DSC_0307The standing stones are very much part of the village and apparently they form the largest stone circle in the world.  A designated UNESCO World Heritage site, Avebury has been a landscape of fields and farms since the Bronze Age, so you’ll find sheep grazing among the stones.DSC_0310.JPGAdded sheep. DSC_0331.JPGLike Stonehenge, no-one has a definite idea as to the stones’ purpose, but that’s not really the point. What’s curious is how the village has grown up inside the stones.  Nowhere else will you find a pub and a chapel inside a stone circle.DSC_0320.JPGThe village is also home to a manor house (now owned by the National Trust), a museum in the old stables and several beautifully quaint thatched cottages. DSC_0313.JPGPick the right day for the weather and you could easily spend hours just wandering and wondering.



4 thoughts on “Half-Term Road Trip | Avebury

  1. Pleased that you enjoyed your short sojourn to the Wiltshire/Gloucestershire borders, a very interesting and beautiful part of the country. Having lived in Devizes for four years I know it well.


  2. OH I do like the mystery of the stone & how cool to live among them. I really like that manor house, oh yes I could happily wander & wonder about … yes mizzle is a good term, I am adding that word to my list of new found words for 2017. Today we have snizzle – snow / rain dizzle!


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