Half-Term Road Trip | Lacock

During the recent half-term, we took a short road trip around the Wiltshire/Gloucestershire borders.  Our second day saw a dramatic improvement in the weather and us the visit the National Trust-owned village of Lacock.DSC_0235.JPGYet again, just like in Castle Combe, beautifully arranged ‘pop-up’ shops were in evidence.  The one in the photo above even has its own Instagram account (find it at @stallonthewall).DSC_0264The village is certainly more self sufficient than Castle Combe, probably because it has the might of the National Trust behind it.  There’s a certain feudal element to everyone having the same landlord, but I assume that’s a price residents are willing to pay in order to live there.DSC_0272.JPGLacock Abbey is on the edge of the village (fee payable to visit if you’re not a member of the National Trust) and over the years has been a convent, country house and a museum.  One former resident was Henry Fox Talbot, a British scientist, inventor and photography pioneer.IMG_6067In August 1835, Talbot produced what is now thought of as the world’s oldest existing camera negative.  He ‘photographed’ his window.  Which in my opinion, given his surroundings, was possibly an odd choice.

Both Lacock  and its Abbey are well worth a visit.  We’d planned on visiting for just an hour or two before moving on, but we loved it so much, we stayed all day and pushed the proposed next destination over into day three of our road trip.


2 thoughts on “Half-Term Road Trip | Lacock

  1. Another pretty day out. I wonder what was going through Henry’s mind; “wow that window is amazing, I know in generations they will love photos of windows & the scenes beyond” I think I would have been in the gardens creating a once in lifetime photo. COL – feudal landlord comment …


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