My Life in Three Books

It dawned on me recently that my top three favourite books are my top three for a reason.  Sure, they're brilliantly written and one definitely counts as a modern classic, but the real reason I love them is because parts of my life are in them.  I know that sounds a wee bit fanciful, but let me … Continue reading My Life in Three Books

Memos: Mail: Me

After what felt like aeons without Happy Mail of the Received Kind, I took delivery this past week of a fun, and fabulous, new bag (which I purchased here).  I used it over the weekend and it attracted a lot of positive comments and discussion about whether everyone had actually read all the listed titles. The weekend saw … Continue reading Memos: Mail: Me

This and That

I've felt the urge to nest lately and, because of that urge, I've stayed close to home this week.  Nothing special, just, you know, pottering about. Waging war on the gazillion leaves that land on our drive throughout Autumn.  Working on improving, moving platforms and re-branding my blog.  {If you've made the switch over from Blogger, thank … Continue reading This and That

LSNED | Days 26-30

26 September:There's always somewhere new to explore when you live in London.27 September:Doing something random and completely out of the norm is fun!28 September:A walk in the park mid-morning with The Brainy One is always a good idea. 29 September:Unsupervised homework gives a better indication of his ability.30 September:  Sometimes, you realise at the end of the day … Continue reading LSNED | Days 26-30

What Caught My Eye #12

"... there's a typical look of the mother:skin a little ashier than the average woman her age,hollows under the eyes a little more pronounced,a smile playing about her lips as the eyes dart nervously, wondering what might happen next.She is sometimes proud, sometimes amused.She is never quite relaxed."~ Judith Newmanfrom her book To Siri, With Love: A … Continue reading What Caught My Eye #12

Weekday Walks | Marylebone

Even though I am now in my thirteenth year of London living, there is still a large part of the city waiting to be explored. Recently I spent a happy hour strolling the streets of Marylebone in Central London.    With the natural boundaries of Marylebone Road to the North, Oxford Street to the South, Great Portland Street to … Continue reading Weekday Walks | Marylebone