Emigration and Dual Nationality | Would You?


With the constant noise surrounding the UK’s decision to leave the European Union a never-ending irritant, we’ve been thinking, in a rather generalised kind of way, about the idea of emigration and/or dual nationality.As it currently stands, I appear to qualify for a passport to another EU country simply because my maternal grandfather happened to be born there.  It seems a simple process to apply, but something makes me hesitate.

We’ve talked semi-casually about the idea of emigrating further afield.  Australia is just, you know, too far.  New Zealand, the same.  The USA is notoriously difficult to enter permanently.  And, you know, the 45th President.

Which brings me Canada.  A young country, a mere 150 years old.  A country with similar values to the UK.  A country that is very like the USA, without being the USA.  And, you know, Justin Trudeau.

But could we do it?  Pack up and leave for good, travelling on a one-way ticket, without the safety net of family or a job to fall back on.  Part of me says, “Yes, let’s try Canada!”

And yet.

The reality is that The Boy Child’s autism probably disqualifies us from any country we’d consider living in full-time.  I understand that.

And yet.

Would you consider holding a passport for a country you have no ties to, merely for convenience?  Would you consider full scale emigration?

7 thoughts on “Emigration and Dual Nationality | Would You?

  1. What can I say, Canada is a great place to live & I personally think the best in the world. We are not without problems & I’ll just say please don’t judge us too harshly on Justin, he’s probably a one term mistake … I’ll say no more. When Mr Man had the opportunity for a corporate transfer I wanted him to at least consider but he refused to even investigate the postings, which would have been for 5 or 7 years; England & Australia were possibilities & of course we could have gone to BC. I could never give up forever living & being Canadian. But do plan a trip to come check us out … you’ll come for the maple syrup & stay for the beauty; the opportunities; the health care; the sense & sensibility … now what can I send on to you to help with the decision?


  2. Ah, HERE you are :). Lovely to see your new home. Even if it might not be for long? Similar thoughts have occurred to us. I now have dual citizenship and pleased to have done so. I am still hoping that it won’t be necessary …


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