This Weekend I …

At this time of year, I’m envious of Instagram images showing families having a blast in a pumpkin patch.  All those blue skies, cute kids and an overload of, you know, orangenessDSC_0357.JPGThis year, however, I had a plan.   Turned out not to be a very good plan, but a plan nonetheless.  We took a short road trip of around 15 miles to Crockford Bridge Farm, a farm that appears to have become a successful business far removed from farming in the traditional sense.  The Brainy One claimed it was smart commercial sense to grow crops, invite the public to come in and harvest almost everything for you, and then charge them for the privilege.  You can see which crops they grow/cultivate hereDSC_0368.JPGWhat I didn’t factor into the equation was how small the pumpkin patch would be.  I’d obviously been seduced by all those images on Instagram.  Turns out we were done within 10 minutes, which I stretched to 20 minutes by taking a ton of photos.  The Boy Child would have happily left after 5 minutes.IMG_6139.JPGBut honour was satisfied in the end.  I was able to put a metaphorical tick against Visit a Pumpkin Patch.  We don’t need to go again.  Ever.  And I have enough photos for a few scrapbook pages.

So, you know, there’s that.


4 thoughts on “This Weekend I …

  1. The entrance to our local Tesco is quite literally full of pumpkins – no need to go to a farm for photos around here! So many pumpkins that I suspect that on Wednesday they’re going to be on a half price buy one get one free offer – I can’t believe that they are going to sell them all.
    Much nicer to be out in the fresh air seeing them in their natural habitat though!


  2. Nice pumpkin & what a team you have that helped you with that tick to Pumpkin Patch. Regionally we have pumpkin patches & corn mazes combined & there are probably 20 within an hour drive. The Saturday night before Halloween the largest of the corn mazes hosts a night time walk through & you must be in costume. It is very popular with the univ students. Looking forward to your scrap pages. Oh yes, I know you know that Insta is an illusion & not real life.


  3. LOL – yes, pumpkin patches are just great places for photos . . . not much else. However, our arboretum has a fantastic pumpkin display with lots to see in the fall – there’s a large pumpkin patch spot, but they also line many of the lanes with pumpkins & the gardens are beautiful.


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