Instagram | How to Make The Most of Your Feed

Instagram recently celebrated its 10th birthday and my feed just passed its 1000th post.  Never one to be on trend, I signed up two years ago and thought now was a good time to share a few things I’ve learned along the way.

Instagram is easy to use.  Use the private account option if you must, but you’ll get so much more out if it by having your feed available to everyone.



Be concise on your home page. Use bullet  point to describe your account and don’t go overboard with the emojis.

Decide what you want to share.  Two or three topics will suffice; I share images of scrapbooking, London life and overseas travel.  Nobody really wants to look at the dull minutiae of my life, or anyone else’s life, come to that.

Hashtags are the name of the game. They’re simply a way of linking similar images together, just like a folder on your PC.  Don’t use the most popular ones, as your image will be lost amongst millions of others.  Invent your own. #becreativewithyourthinking.


Don’t scroll through your feed without taking the time to ‘like’ an image and/or to leave a comment.  Be polite.  Play nicely.

Use the Search option.  You’ll be astonished at the images you’ll stumble across and you’ll discover some amazing accounts.  Use the Save option to keep a record of images that really speak to you.


There’s always room to learn more.  Next up for me is tackling Insta Stories (photo stories that disappear after twenty four hours).

Here’s a few accounts worth following:

  • @angloyankophile for beautiful home styling ideas and tremendous travel
  • @london for fabulous footage of our nation’s capital city
  • @humansofny for astonishing stories from ordinary people
  • @littlebookwormig for all things book related

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