Weekday Walks | Richmond-upon-Thames

IMG_E5861A twenty minute bus ride away from my part of West London is Richmond-upon-Thames.  Even though it has an Underground station and people claim it is in Southwest London, technically it is in the county of Surrey.   IMG_5882Local residents claim Richmond is a London village, but I’m not sure I agree.  It has the Thames, it has a main road running through it, it has a Green (which is surrounded by large Georgian villas), it has a hill, it has London’s largest Royal Park and it has plenty of famous inhabitants.IMG_E5867It all just feels too big and too noisy to be a village.  Sitting directly under the Heathrow flightpath doesn’t help, although The Boy Child loves to stand on the Green and yell out the aircraft type and which airline it belongs to.  IMG_5862But London village or not, Richmond-upon-Thames is worth an hour or two out of your day.  Just don’t visit on a Tuesday, as that would be bin day.  You’re welcome.







3 thoughts on “Weekday Walks | Richmond-upon-Thames

  1. Lovely photos from your walk about. Richmond Upon Thames at least has a village look especially with all those benches for sitting. I often wonder what denotes a village over a town. I live in a village although we have become over the last 5 years nothing more than a bedroom community for the cities within an hours drive. Bin day – yes avoid as it can be a very nosy necessity.


  2. It’s certainly larger than any village around here – but doesn’t have the look of a town. Looks like a lovely place to live. Tuesdays are bin days here too – the sight of wheelie bins outside every house does nothing to enhance any area does it?


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