Memos: Mail: Me

The Postie saved the best for last this week.  After five days where he either didn’t call at all, or merely left envelopes with windows in, he redeemed himself on Saturday by delivering a gorgeous Thank You card from The Brainy Boy and The Colombian.IMG_5950Saturday saw us travel all the way down to Greenwich and the Cable Car.  We wouldn’t normally use to ride the Cable Car in blustery winds (40 mph; thank you, Storm Brian) and squally rain showers, but we’d heard that Thunderbirds were in town and I’d pre-booked.DSC_0179.JPGDSC_0176.JPGNeither The Brainy One nor I particularly enjoyed the ‘mid-flight’ bit of the crossing; there was far too much gondola swaying going on for our liking.  But, as parents are wont to do, we pretended that all was fine and weren’t we having a fab time … by contrast, The Boy Child wasn’t at all perturbed.  Proving yet again that the only predictable thing about autism is its unpredictability.DSC_0185.JPGDSC_0187.JPGOnce back on terra firma, the clouds cleared and the sun came out.  I think that’s called Sod’s Law.  Keen to make the most of our day on the Greenwich Peninsula, we decided to walk the two miles into Greenwich proper via the Thames Path for lunch. DSC_0189.JPGHaving enjoyed Greenwich so much, we’re already planning a return visit to take in the Old Royal Naval College and the Royal Observatory (where East meets West).


3 thoughts on “Memos: Mail: Me

  1. Oh my. I am in awe of you for getting in that ski lift capsule in that weather! In any weather to be honest, as I have a total phobia of lifts and that seems to be very like a lift hanging off a thread over a river! Sounds like you had a great day – maybe save the observatory for better weather conditions so you can fully enjoy that part where you can have your photo taken with one foot in east and one foot in west.


  2. Brave parents! I like your last photo of “old” Greenwich. Mentioning Greenwich makes me always think of time, since that is the start point for the rest of us (col). I would say yes to the observatory & the naval college but a resounding no to cable cars.


  3. You are so brave. Never ever would you get me up there. Funnily enough Hugh and I were only saying today that we should go up to Greenwich one Saturday – might bump into you!


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