Memos: Mail: Me

IMG_5797.jpgAfter what felt like aeons without Happy Mail of the Received Kind, I took delivery this past week of a fun, and fabulous, new bag (which I purchased here).  I used it over the weekend and it attracted a lot of positive comments and discussion about whether everyone had actually read all the listed titles.IMG_5767.jpg The weekend saw The Brainy One and I celebrate our wedding anniversary with good friends and cake.  There’s always cake, right?  There was also plenty of Champagne and red wine, but that’s a whole other story.IMG_5777.jpgThere was also spent time wandering the High Street of a beautiful village on the edge of the Cotswolds (with the prerequisite stop at the pub), time spent watching Strictly while eating Chicken Fajitas and time spent watching our gorgeous Goddaughter at rugby training.  Never let it be said that we don’t know how to live!

How was your weekend?


5 thoughts on “Memos: Mail: Me

  1. Ruth Happy Wedding Anniversary. Umm cake! I like your book bag & yes I wonder how many have really read all those titles & not just seen the movies. I have read the Secret Garden & The Great Gatsby (& seen both versions of both movies), Mr Man has read Moby Dick. As for our weekend, we survived nasty weather, mostly indoors except for a moment at a fund raiser outdoors photo shoot for our Christmas card.


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