This and That

I’ve felt the urge to nest lately and, because of that urge, I’ve stayed close to home this week.  Nothing special, just, you know, pottering about.

IMG_5765.JPGWaging war on the gazillion leaves that land on our drive throughout Autumn.  Working on improving, moving platforms and re-branding my blog.  {If you’ve made the switch over from Blogger, thank you and I’m waving at any new WordPress readers.}  Producing scrapbooks pages for our great nephews’ album.

Sometimes, Autumn is considered simply as the season where things begin to die.  I prefer to think of it as the season where things recharge.

3 thoughts on “This and That

  1. I think for many the feeling that Autumn is a truer New Year than January 1st & I couldn’t agree more. Oh yes while the leaves are so beautiful & colourful, they need to be cleared up. Hope you have a great weekend of scrapping – our weekend forecast is rain & more rain, so I think nesting & scrapping are two great ideas to follow.


  2. I’m with you at thinking that Autumn is a ‘new start’ time of year, maybe it’s because that’s when the new academic year starts at school! (I may have worked in education for too long)
    I love the colours of the leaves – this week we have seen some dramatic changes from green to golden/red/rust and there’s something about kicking around in piles of leaves in the park that brings out the child in me!


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