On a Random Mission

Yesterday, I did something completely out of character.
I approached two well-dressed young men and asked if they would like me to take their picture.
I even suggested how they might like to pose.
Let me explain … 
I follow Heidi Swapp on Instagram and via her blog. 
As well as being what you might call a big noise in the scrapbooking industry,
she is also a Mormon and the mother of a son currently serving a Mission in Japan.  
Although I am not a Mormon, some family members are,
and having come from, and served in the military,
it’s all too easy to imagine how much you miss someone when they are away.   
But I digress … bottom line is this, Heidi frequently suggests that if you meet 
a couple of Missionaries (they’re always in pairs)
 when you are out and about, stop them, chat to them and then take a picture … 
to send to their parents.
(During a two-year Mission, the Elder/Sister Missionaries are only allowed
to contact home, via email, once a week.)
So that’s why I did what I did yesterday.
And I feel pretty good about it, too!   

2 thoughts on “On a Random Mission

  1. I knew that Mormons take time to serve as missionaries but did not know the restrictions on contacting home. I'm sure these young men were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet you and have their photo taken to send home!


  2. What a kind thing to do! I bet their parents will be thrilled to have the photos and so happy that someone has taken the time to be kind to their children whilst they are in a foreign country far from home.


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