This Weekend I …

We began the weekend with another early start,
this time for Autism | Early Birds at the Science Museum. 
We followed that visit up with our usual tea and toast in a cafe,
but this time, I persuaded them to walk through South Kensington first
in order to admire the multi-million pound houses.
{Yeah, so, that was more for me than them …}  
With the weather improving as Saturday turned into Sunday,
we were in the park for a few hours,
  before ending the weekend with friends, a dog and a BBQ.

One thought on “This Weekend I …

  1. What glorious weather you'd had … I was scanning the faces of One Man and His Dog (Countryfile BBC) in case you were there on Hampstead Heath watching. But this sounds like a delightful weekend too, though I do hope you sometimes get a lie-in :).


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