LSNED | Days 11-15

11 September: 
The arrival of Season 3 of Outlander on Amazon Prime makes me happy.
12 September: 
Sometimes, all you need to be is a good listener.
13 September: 
Sometimes, showing up is what’s important.
The Boy Child turned out for the Year 6 football (soccer) team trial,
knowing in his heart of hearts that it was highly unlikely
that he would be selected.
14 September:
It’s not too early for planning and issuing invitations to a Christmas party.

15 September:

How you gift wrap a present can make a difference.
The humblest of gifts look a million dollars when paired with tissue paper
and cellophane.  (Basket optional, but I counted it as part of the gift).

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2 thoughts on “LSNED | Days 11-15

  1. Some really excellent lessons (learning). Bravo to TBC for going out & trying. That looks like a wonderful gift, an album of memories. Listening is an art being lost … I'll say no more about that for now.
    Holiday planning – YES!


  2. You do know how to gift-wrap for impact … and I am most impressed at your forward planning. I think I am doing well if I can look at next month! That's a great spirit on the part of TBC :). There should be a recognition of just showing up time after time.


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