Learn Something New Everyday | Days 1-5

Hello, September!
The Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness is approaching. It also means that Shimelle is running her annual class, Learn Something New Everyday.  Looking through my blog archives, it appears that I last participated in 2009and even then, I’d held it over to complete in December. (Do take a peek, The Boy Child was adorable as a not quite-four-year old.)
During the weekend retreat there was chat about who might be taking part this year. My initial response had been, “No, not this year.  I have enough outstanding/ongoing projects.”  But then life, as its wont, gave me a nudge, and I found myself making notes on Sunday evening about what I’d learned (learnt?) over the weekend. I’m recording my September lessons here on the blog, although I may yet transfer the journaling and accompanying photos to a Traveler’s Notebook

1 September:
Me time isn’t indulgent.  A residential weekend crop isn’t selfish.  It enabled me to spend quality time with my oldest friend, reconnect with blog friends in person (Alison and Becky)
and meet the friends I hadn’t made yet (Alexa and Missus Wookie).
2 September:

It needn’t be competitive.  Two days spent in the company of amazingly talented women

proved that.  We all love the same hobby, yet no-one acted as though they needed to be the best
in the room.  All were willing to share tools, stash, tips and experience.  I loved that!  Here’s to uplifting and empowering women!
3 September:
Good friends are worth keeping!  Ain’t that the truth.  She and I are heading towards
our 28th year of friendship.  I love her.  She’s the sister I chose for myself. 
4 September:
For The Boy Child, trust and familiarity are key.
His hair has only ever been cut by one hairdresser and now, after 8 years or more,
The Boy Child allows him to wash his hair pre-cut.
5 September:
Never underestimate how nervous and anxious The Boy Child can become.
He may be in his third year of attending his school, but now he’s in Year 6.
A year full of new experiences, expectations and the looming spectre 
of another new school this time next year.


3 thoughts on “Learn Something New Everyday | Days 1-5

  1. You are wearing my favourite apron. I like (& agree) your thoughts about getting away. I think woman we forget that we need to refill our own selves if we are to give,give,give to family & others. What a bonus to have such a relaxing atmosphere to create in & make new friends while being with older friends & 28 years of friendship is something to celebrate! Learn something new everyday … I like.

    2009 – you did rock that jaunty tweed hat & TBC is as adorable then as now.

    I would say that my hairdresser was the second most important man in my life & no one but him was allowed to cut my hair, when he become ill, I waited for his return & when that didn't happen … well let's just say this is the initial reason I started to grow out my hair!


  2. A lovely life-enhancing catch-up :). Even just seeing that photo of you sitting at the table at RAU made me feel warm and made me smile – waving to you! I hadn't thought of using a blog to do LSNED, but it's a great idea (might work for a December Daily too?) and then the photos and text can be cut and pasted into something else later … I like your thinking! Hoping that all is going well for your young man in his first week back.


  3. What a great post. I so enjoyed meeting you again and spending so much time chatting, catching up and sharing experiences of autism. I loved seeing your scrapbooking in real life too. We mustn't leave it so long before meeting up again.


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