Wimbledon Museum and Tour

The Boy Child and I ventured South of the river yesterday
in order to visit the Wimbledon Museum and take the tour.  
 What a contrast to my last visit
No wandering the hallowed grounds except as part of a tour,
or if you’re a member of the AELTC.
 Our guide was excellent; informative, engaging and funny. 
I don’t think you necessarily need to be a fan of tennis in order to enjoy a visit.
It is, however, worth booking online beforehand,
because the original price showed up as £40 for the two of us.
Ten minutes looking online for a voucher code
meant that I was able to make use of a BOGOF offer, saving myself £15
(which I can put towards another outing).   

3 thoughts on “Wimbledon Museum and Tour

  1. I think seeing all the stuff behind the scene would help with the watching because you know what goes into making it a wonderful event for spectators & players. I like the photo of TBC in the second photo, looks like he's ready to give an interview (col).


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