Beautiful Barcelona | Photos

We were in Barcelona on 17th August.
We were a mere block away from the tragedy,
but were quite safe and well.
Although obviously shaken, The Boy Child particularly so,
we continued with our plans.
We’d all fallen in love with how beautiful Barcelona was,
and felt that by keeping calm and carrying on,
we were honouring our new Spanish friends the best way we could.
To those of you who took the time to get in touch that evening 
via social media, thank you so very much.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Barcelona | Photos

  1. I was so relieved to know you were not caught up in that awful attack. It is such a beautiful city and I am pleased that you were able to continue your trip. We cannot let these evil people affect what we do and where we go, all we can do is be vigilant and go about our plans as normal as we can.


  2. Yes so glad you are ALL alright. Not sure I could have carried on, so how very brave of you. I like the last photo, the shadows, the colours, the textures all speak to warm. In the first photo are those balcony covers suppose to be masks?


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