Design Your Life 2.0 | Week 3

In Week 3 of Cathy Zielske‘s Design Your Life 2.0 class, we looked at unity and space.
Unity suggests to our brains that everything is, in a purposeful way, where it should be.
Space suggests restfulness on any given design.
Where a design lacks content, space creates a bit of calm.
Assignment One was to create a page featuring both unity and space.
And while I like the look of the finished layout above,
I think it’s a little too spacious.  
Assignment Two was to continue in the same vein.
Although incredibly simple in design and materials used,
I rather like the overall finished look,
but I think it’s mainly because I love these photos of The Boy Child.    

3 thoughts on “Design Your Life 2.0 | Week 3

  1. I think you are star scrapper again this week! Both these layouts have the unity my brain needs. My thoughts about the layouts: In the first layout, the papers help reflect the journalling about the cool mountains & pick up the blue of the sky. In the second example of the cocktails, nice balance of colour, embellishment to photo ratio & again the photos are the star of the page. (fantastic photos of TBC, who I cannot help but comment that he has a real look of you Ruth, especially the last photo). I like the jar embellishments alot.


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