This Weekend I …

On Saturday, we made the trip out of London and up to
It was a trip The Brainy One and I have talked about making
for a number of years.  We were always put off by how long
we would be leaving Max alone in the house for.
But now …
We arrived 15 minutes before opening and left 10 minutes before closing.
That’s what I call value for money. 
The Boy Child’s favourite was his beloved B17 Flying Fortress,
Sally B.  She is the last air worthy B17 in Europe
and starred in the 1990 film, Memphis Belle.
 The weather was mixed during the afternoon, sunshine and showers,
but we did get to see some terrific flying.
Watching a Spitfire going through her paces and performing
her legendary signature manoeuvre, the Victory Roll, never loses its appeal.  
If you can afford it, you can even take a flight in a Spitfire.   
Outside the American Air Museum is a memorial, Counting the Cost.
It’s by artist Renato Niemis, and each aircraft etched on its glass panels
represents a plane missing in action in operations
flown by US air forces from Britain during the Second World War. 
There are 7,031 aircraft depicted.
There’s plenty of hands-on stuff for the Small People to explore, 
and when the weather isn’t as good as you might have hoped 
for in England in August, there’s plenty to see in the hangars. 

5 thoughts on “This Weekend I …

  1. So pleased you enjoyed your day there – you certainly did get value for your ticket! Last time I went there was for a quilting exhibition – they often have other things going on there instead of 'just' the aircraft. Funny isn't it, it is only 20 mins away from us yet we have only ever been there twice. I still remember looking around Concorde and being surprised at how narrow it was!


  2. Mr Man would love this trip out … & we would have also been there all day. TBC is rocking that jaunty cap! What a visual reminder that window etching of the missing planes is. Because yesterday was Hiroshima Day, we had a moment's silent prayer for all those lost … lest we forget.


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