Photography Scavenger Hunt | Link-up #2

is hosting the second of three link-ups today for this year’s
Photography Scavenger Hunt.
(As she lives in Canada, you might want to wait until afternoon
here in the UK before heading over there.) 
Here’s this year’s list:
1) Something fuzzy
~ Velour sandals ~
2) Bubbles
3) A web
~ climber in the playground ~
4) A zig zag
5)  A seasonal relaxing space/item

~ you can’t get more seasonal and relaxed than Wimbledon ~

6) A pipe
7) The inside of something

~ the inside of a District Line Tube train ~

8) Rust or something derelict
9) A kite or balloon
10) Something yellow
11)  A toy only found out during June to September
12) A wedding

~ I spotted this newly married couple having their wedding photos
taken in the park (which is just across the road from the Registry Office) ~  

13) A dome
14) Someone fishing
15) Something crafted from wood
16)  A baby (human or animal)
Pequeňo, newly woken from a nap ~
17)  Circles or crosses in architecture
18) A fan
19)  Feet of man or beast
20) Something found under ground
21)  A plaque

~ one of many, many blue plaques found across London ~

22)  A dial
23) Something powered by wind
24) Seasonal food or drink
~ large Pimm’s, cheers ~
25)  A hat

~ that’s my hat, enjoying a day out at Wimbledon ~

(Items in blue mean that I’ve already posted them here.)
Are you joining in this year?
How are you getting on?

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