This Weekend I …

As the weather this weekend was cooler than of late,
we chose to spend a little more time inside,
with a visit to the National Army Museum at the top of our list. 
 It reopened in March of this year, after a major overhaul of the space, 
 and like the Design Museum, the space has clearly been well thought out
 and the whole museum appears to possess a layer of peace, 
two things autism-parents are always on the lookout for.
 You can combine your visit with a stop at the Royal Hospital Chelsea next door,
home of the much loved Chelsea Pensioners.  We had lunch there.
The museum is free to enter, so coming and going is not a problem.
As Sunday saw much brighter weather, we were back outside
and catching up with old friends.
Last Summer, The Boy Child’s best friend, The Good Friend, moved with his family to Spain.
Something requiring much more planning when we want to meet up.  
And I may, just may, rounded off the weekend with making a start
on week one of Design Your Life
How was your weekend?

2 thoughts on “This Weekend I …

  1. Looks like a good weekend mix. The photo of TBC & his friend is lovely. In the one photo it looks like the museum has built in some interactive displays; dressing the military personnel. Happy week ahead & looking forward to seeing more of your Design Your Life layouts.


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