Photography Scavenger Hunt | Link-up #1

is hosting the first of three link-ups today for this year’s
Photography Scavenger Hunt.
(As she lives in Canada, you might want to wait until afternoon
here in the UK before heading over there.) 
Here’s this year’s list:
1) Something fuzzy
2) Bubbles
3) A web
4) A zig zag
5)  A seasonal relaxing space/item
6) A pipe
7) The inside of something
8) Rust or something derelict
~ The Boy Child’s bottom, after sitting in my friend’s wheelbarrow ~ 
9) A kite or balloon
10) Something yellow
11)  A toy only found out during June to September
~ That would be our BBQ ~
12) A wedding
13) A dome
14) Someone fishing
15) Something crafted from wood
~ Wooden sculpture at the water park
16)  A baby (human or animal)
17)  Circles or crosses in architecture
18) A fan
19)  Feet of man or beast
~ my feet ~
20) Something found under ground
21)  A plaque
22)  A dial
23) Something powered by wind
24) Seasonal food or drink
25)  A hat

(Items in blue mean that I’ve already posted them here.)
Another four down, but still a way to go.
I suspect #12 will be the most difficult for me, unless I can persuade Deb in invite to 
one of the two happening in her family this summer. 
Are you joining in this year?
How are you getting on?

6 thoughts on “Photography Scavenger Hunt | Link-up #1

  1. You've made a great start (your foot and shoe shots are always so pretty!), and thank-you for alerting me to Mary Lou's Hunt. That looks like a very interesting list this year. Yes, weddings are not easy to come by!


  2. Oh what fun the rust is … I bet TBC gave no thought to rusty pants only the fun in riding in a wheel barrow. Such pretty feet, reminds me to get my toes polished up. Thanks for joining in.


  3. You are more than welcome to come and join in the festivities! Slightly scared to find that we are only now two weeks away from the first one …
    You've got some great finds there, I especially like your interpretation of the find for 'rust'!


  4. Love that wooden sculpture! I agree, wedding might be the hardest, but amazingly we have two during this time frame, and yet another one in October!


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