There Are Days

Ever have a day where you wish you’d stayed in bed?
Yeah, me too.
Yesterday was one such day.
Over the weekend, The Boy Child had revealed that 
he’d been the recipient of unkind words from a classmate.
Not verbal bullying, but unpleasant enough to cause concern.
Having emailed the relevant teachers over the weekend,
I then spent a large amount of yesterday in conversation 
with those relevant teachers about their course of action.
Even though they acted swiftly and appropriately,
I still felt an emotional wreck by pick-up time.
Here’s hoping for a much better day today. 

3 thoughts on “There Are Days

  1. Well that sucks. Glad to hear that the teachers took swift action. Several of the public schools (primary grades) are having a really difficult time with bullying – it seems to have had an outbreak of late. I blame the news & he who shall not be named!

    I hope for you a better finish to the week than it has started. 🙂


  2. Oh, it's a horrible thing to have to deal with. Hoping the school have been swift and clear, and supportive to you as a family. Here's to better days :).


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