Memos: Mail: Me

This post should really be called Weekend Round Up,
because I have nothing to report on the Mail: Me bit.
I do, however, have a few words to say about our weekend.
The weather was glorious and we spent two days outside.
Los Pequenos spent time with their Great Granny
{who is an extremely active 85-year-old, but tell her I told you her age, will you?}
There was BBQ both days, alongside Summer drinks.

There were parts of my flesh exposed that would never normally 

see the light of day in West London.

And there was a certain young man who delighted in being wet through.

How was your weekend?

4 thoughts on “Memos: Mail: Me

  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend; being outside in the sunshine is good for our souls & being wet throughout is a bonus! BBQ looks like a #24 fulfillment! Great Granny looks like a fun person to be around.


  2. You really are rocking that off the shoulder 'Bardot' look! It really suits you. How lucky we are going through a heatwave so you can show off those shoulders!


  3. My, that's an elegant look! And a great capture with the splashing water – not easy to photograph. So glad Los Pequeñitos are doing well; it must be amazing to be a Great Grandmother …


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