The Traveler’s Notebook

With an overseas trip on the horizon,
I’ve been tempted to try out the humble traveler’s notebook.
One ‘l’ or two in traveller?
I couldn’t resist the urge to jazz up the plain kraft cover.
I’ve also added washi tape along the page edges,  
and thin lined card stock to alternate pages, simply because I am 
hopeless at writing in a straight line for any length of time. 
While we’re away, I’ll fill it with tales of our daily doings and 
the Instax Mini photos I’ll persuade The Boy Child to take.
Once home, I’ll print off and add in the Instagram-worthy prints.  

4 thoughts on “The Traveler’s Notebook

  1. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful journal to take with you – what memories you will store in there. I expect at least one gondola photo and a picture of TBC eating an amazing Italian gelato in St Mark's square!


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