Mini Refurbishment

A few months ago, I noticed that the carpet in the living room
had a few holes appearing.
The pile had finally been worn away after around 25 years of usage.
The ordering of a new carpet prompted me to cast an eye
over the rest of the room, leading me to renew some larger pieces of furniture.
Out went the battered and scratched sideboard
 I’d bought last century.
In came a retro-feel piece in white.
(I have the same piece in my craft room).  
   Out went two freestanding bookcases from along the back wall,
 and in came a large unit from IKEA.
Out went the large and ugly TV stand and in came
a white media unit from the same range as the sideboard.
Left to do is choosing light fittings and shades.
Having looked properly at that first photo,
 I’m also going to rearrange the display on the mantelpiece.
Nothing was thrown out.  Every item that we replaced was either 
re-purposed or given away, either to the charity shop (good will) or via   

2 thoughts on “Mini Refurbishment

  1. Wonderful. I really like your artful arranging of items on the book shelves & your “still life” photos are fantastic. Must be so enjoyable sitting in such a fresh space.


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