Hands on Therapy

 what with the The Boy Child being on school holidays.
I’d planned on rectifying that this month.
And where better than beginning with a double page spread of Max.
I still have a smallish pile of photos waiting for a home in the Los Hermanos album,
and with an overseas trip on the horizon, there’s a travel journal to be prepped.
Plenty of therapy on offer this month.

3 thoughts on “Hands on Therapy

  1. Scrapping about the loss of a most beloved animal friend was how I got into scrapping. A great page & what a wonderful way to remember & pay tribute to Max. Your travel plans for a big trip & starting the bones of the travel journal sound like a great way to spend the next few days. Scrapping is one of the best & in the long run, cheapest of therapies. Hope you have hours of fun.


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