When The Brainy One travels abroad for work,
a few things happen in our house.
 I change our bed.
I love a freshly made bed.
More so if I don’t have to share it for a night or two.
Is that selfish of me?   
 I also get into that freshly made bed earlier then when TBO is home.
The ritual involving The Boy Child is that he gets to choose what we have
for supper.  It invariably involves pasta, Parmesan and my home-made
hidden veg in tomato sauce.  Last night, I added diced salami and
 quartered cherry tomatoes.   
What rituals do you have? 

6 thoughts on “Rituals

  1. That freshly made bed feeling is great isn't it? When my kids were small, if my husband was away they were allowed to take it in turns to sleep in my bed with me – a great treat for them, not so great for me!


  2. I did laugh at this – when my husband was in the fire brigade every first night shift I changed the bedding so I could have the clean sheets to myself – he's retired now so no more nightshifts – gutted lol I miss my clean bedding to myself!! 🙂 No I dont think its selfish 😉 xx


  3. It's partly the comfort of the ritual, isn't it? You have reminded me that on Cubs night TNSSO and I used to get into our pyjamas early when the boys were out and get into bed and pretend we were having a sleep over, so we'd snack and look at magazines. She wasn't very old!


  4. I have let out an audible sigh to the luxury of a freshly made bed & then the thought of being the first & only in that bed. No not selfish at all. When Mr Man is away my ritual is to have total quiet in the house, no tv, no radio, no hum of electronics, just space opening quiet.


  5. When husband is away daughter and I always watch a series together on Netflix – at the moment we are dipping in and out of Hells Kitchen. We also get to eat salmon and noodles one of our favourite!


  6. just catching up with my blog reading, sorry to hear about Max, must be devastating….loved this post and totally relate to the clean bed sheets xxx


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