Initial Thoughts on Wearing Braces

I have a lot more sympathy for braced-up teenagers.  A lot more.
I’ve eaten gallons of soup.
I did manage a pub lunch of sausage and mash at the weekend,   

but only after cutting the sausages into the tiniest of pieces.
And then virtually swallowing them without a single chew.
Bonjela is my friend. 
Despite feeling as though I have a ‘fat’ mouth, people don’t seem to have noticed.
The Boy Child announced that my teeth are ugly, but as he also said that before the braces went on,
I feel as though I can ignore that pronouncement.  
Talking about braces is boring.
  For everyone. 
 So I’ll stop.

5 thoughts on “Initial Thoughts on Wearing Braces

  1. Hopefully you'll soon get used to them and be able to eat as before – my son had them and we had a big list of what he couldnt eat but after a short term of soft foods/easy to swallow he was back to normal 🙂 eating all sorts of things and things that were on the banned list x


  2. Lots of sympathy here! TNSSO was very brave, but there's no doubt they were very uncomfortable at the beginning. She took nurofen at night for the first few days. But if you ask her now she'll say it's worth it

    And no: your teeth are not ugly. Not in any way.


  3. I have braces too. I've had mine about 20 months now and I can totally understand what you were saying. Some things seem to take longer to do, like eating meals and cleaning my teeth but it wasn't long before I could see a difference so it'll be worth the wait, I'm sure.
    The discomfort does ease and I got back to eating most foods again before too long. Boots othordontic wax helped ease any 'rubs' I had from the brackets or wire, especially after they've been adjusted.

    Hope yours are going ok so far, it will be worth it!


  4. Oh, that sounds really uncomfortable :(. Hoping it eases soon, and please feel free to talk about it anytime – as someone who fell flat on her face on a mossy and icy path many years ago, smashing teeth in the process, and has to live with a permanent plate, you have my warmest sympathies.


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